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Craft Store Time

A quick electric pick gun for under $10. Total time to make is around 15 minutes, using a torch, it'a tiny bit dangerous. They work hilariously effectively. I'm not a huge fan of raking, I'd rather SPP and solve the lock.

I bought mine at Michaels. My wife always has 40% off coupon there, so I walked out the store for $6. I've seen them just about everywhere. The Gun style works exactly the same way. The gun power saw comes with 2 saws which you can convert to pick ends. You'll still be able to swap them without any issue.

Grind or file away

You're going to have to destroy a rake... If you buy one with out a handle, you can get them for about $1.50 Lockpicks.com. I wanted the pick to have a longer shank so I drilled out the rivets and ground down both sides down to the rivet hole. This doesn't have to be pretty, it's going to be imbedded into the old saw holder.

Dangerous Part...

I wasn't able to grab a photo of this part of the process. I used a torch to head up the end of the saw until it's cherry red then pull it out with a pliers. I used leather gloves, some how managed not to burn myself.

Note: I ground the end of the rake into something of a point.

Glue This

After pulling the saw out, there was just about perfect hole for the pick end to go into. I put a drop of super gel in and then shoved it in there. After the glue dries, you can take a razor blade and trim off the excess. If you don't it's a bit difficult to put the 'end cap?' back on the gun. The whole heating the saw deformed the plastic a bit, but it still works great.

Pump Keys

You'll see both kinds in stores, and they're normally under $10. The tips are interchangeable between the two. I do prefer the Bogota profile and I think that it compliments the guns movement better than the snake rake, but I didn't want to sacrifice a more expensive pick. Christina wouldn't appreciate seeing one of her wicked wave rakes on this :)

The Power Saw Converted